Your Belly Button Shape Holds Big Secret. Unveil it here!

Never thought about it!

#10 The Stable One

Well, your belly button says you’ll lead a comfortable life!
#9 The Circular one

So, how many lovers have you have had?

#8 The Wide One

A strong willed person has a wider belly button!
#7 The Oval Belly Button

You tend to miss a lot of good opportunities because of your temperament!

Watch rest of the belly types ahead.

#6 The Downward One

You will often feel dizzy and lazy!
#5 The Upward Belly Button

It is one of the ideal shapes!
#4 Protruding Belly Button

Even the belly button can determine your stubbornness!
#3 Shallow Belly Button

It calls for some positivity in your life
#2 The Big One

We, human being are one of the only species to have a belly button due to the umbilical cord. You can predict exactly what could be wrong with your body by observing your navel carefully.

#1 The Round One

Most of us don’t pay must attention to our belly buttons. What we don’t know is that it highlights many bodily signals just like other body parts.

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