25 Facts You Didn’t Know Were Actually True

The more you know, the more questions arise in your head, and the more fascinating things you see around you. And we’re happy that that’s the case.

Personal Gain has gathered together 25 facts, checked them, and checked them again – and it turns out they’re all true.

A physicist researching atoms is a mass of atoms researching itself.

A month that starts with Sunday will always have a Friday 13th.

We eat pies and pizza from inside out.

25 Facts You Didn’t Know Were Actually True

Space isn’t empty and lifeless – it actually contains absolutely everything.

Our stomachs perceive any potatoes as mashed ones.

To hack a smartphone’s fingerprint lock, all a hacker would need is the phone’s back lid.

25 Facts You Didn’t Know Were Actually True

Surfing is included in the school curriculum in Hawaii.

If the human eye was a photo camera, its resolution would be about 576 megapixels.

Below is a picture of the world-famous dog Hachiko.

25 Facts You Didn’t Know Were Actually True

Until they’re 6-7 months old, babies can breathe and swallow at the same time. Adults aren’t capable of that.

Summer on Neptune is 40 years long, but the temperature there is -346 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is a photo of the iceberg that the Titanic crashed into:

25 Facts You Didn’t Know Were Actually True

Mysterious signals picked up by a telescope in Australia and which baffled astronomers for 17 years were emitted by their microwave.

If you live to be 70 years old, you’ll have lived through 10 years of Mondays.

This is what a volcanic eruption looks like from space:

25 Facts You Didn’t Know Were Actually True

The Earth is smoother than a bowling ball. Tall mountains and the ocean depths are just 1/5,000th of the Earth’s circumference.

The hole in the ozone layer is shrinking.

Japan has a new extreme sport: banzai skydiving. A person flies an airplane to the height of 9,000 feet, throws out a parachute, and jumps out himself after 2 seconds. The goal is to catch the parachute as they fall!

Out of all living things on Earth, only humans pay money to live.

Your skin crawls when you listen to a good song as a result of a rush of dopamine that appears in anticipation of the song’s climax.

Angel Falls, the tallest waterfall in the world, is located in Venezuela. Its overall height is 3,212 feet.

Swedish students get an allowance of $187 for attending school.

In 1962, a laughter epidemic occurred in Tanzania. It seized control of more than 1,000 people and raged for 18 months.

Honey bees die after attacking people, because their barbed stings get stuck in human skin and are left there along with some of a bee’s internal organs, to which the sting is attached.

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Classic toothpaste has stripes of three colors: white (substance that removes plaque), blue or green (antimicrobial gel) and red (some elements for healthy gums).

The game Tetris has an end.

25 Facts You Didn’t Know Were Actually True

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