Why Are Modern Relationships So Fragile?

Why Are Modern Relationships So Fragile?

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1. We’re not prepared.

Often, we’re not prepared to compromise, to sacrifice ourselves, and to love unconditionally. We don’t want to wait, we need to have everything at once. We don’t let our feelings grow, too often putting a ‘time limit’ on what we think we should be feeling and when instead.

2. We confuse love with other feelings.

We too often want to meet someone who’ll join us in the cinema or a night club, not the one who can understand us and support us in a moment of deepest sorrow. We don’t like living boring lives, and that’s why we’re looking for a cheerful companion who can turn our lives into an adventure. But we’re not always ready for change, which inevitably come after a certain period of romantic and mutual affection.

3. We get stuck in a rut.

After a while, we don’t have time and space for love, because we’re too busy chasing material benefits.

4. We’re waiting for an immediate result.

When we fall in love, we already want our relationships to be mature. Yet this maturity, as well as mutual understanding, can only come after years spent together. Most people today think that there’s nothing in this life that’s worth their time and patience, even love.

5. We prefer to waste our strength.

Many of us would likely prefer to spend an hour with a hundred different people than a day with one person. Nowadays, the opinion exists that it’s much better to meet people than to get to know them. We’re greedy, and we want everything all at once. We start relationships and end them as soon as we find a ‘better’ variant. We don’t give the best of us to a person, but we want him or her to be perfect. We date lots of people, but hardly give a chance to anyone.

6. We become dependant on technology.

Technology has brought us closer. We’re so close that it sometimes feels difficult to breathe. Texts, voice messages, chats and video calls have replaced face-to-face communication in so many cases. We don’t have to spend time together anymore. We already know a lot about each other. We have nothing to talk about.

7. We can’t stay in one place for long.

We think that we’re not meant for relationships, and even the idea of settling down scares us. We don’t dedicate our lives to one person anymore, and we avoid anything permanent.

8. We become ‘sexually liberated.’

Our generation has divided sex from love. First, people have sex, and then they decide whether they want to be together. Today, sex outside of marriage is normal, and things like ‘open relationships’, ‘friends with benefits’, and ‘one-night stands’ have become part of modern life.

9. We rely on logic way too often.

Few people from younger generations can love with all the heart and overcome difficulties connected with time and distance.

10. We’re afraid of too many things.

We’re afraid of new relationships, disappointments, emotional wounds, and broken hearts, and that’s why we don’t let people into our lives. We build walls around ourselves, and sometimes they’re too thick and high to let us step out and see life as it really is.

11. We don’t appreciate relationships anymore.

It means nothing to us to let go of a person who loves us. We’re too disappointed in the people who surround us.

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