11 “Overheard” Stories That Prove Love Really Does Exist

We at Gain Tip believe that love is the brightest and most honest feeling in the world. And these little stories, full of tenderness, romance, and happiness, are more than capable of making even the most hardened skeptics realize that true love really exists and will live on forever!

My grandparents are about 70. One day, I was talking with my grandad about his youth. Suddenly, as my grandmother entered the room, he said to me, “Here comes my universe!” The compliments my grandpa gives my grandma sound way cooler than the ones I receive from my boyfriend.

One morning a couple of months ago, my husband got up 20 minutes earlier than usual to sew up a hole in my glove. TO SEW UP A HOLE IN MY GODDAMN GLOVE! So that my fingers wouldn’t freeze outside. Both of us had incredibly busy schedules at the time with our increased workloads and the general pre-Christmas hustle and bustle. No time for lunch, let alone buying a new pair of gloves. He never gives me flowers and rarely gives compliments, but it’s things like this that leave me in no doubt about the sincerity of our feelings and the enormity of our love!

Today, my husband told me, “If only I’d known what a wonderful wife you’d make, I would’ve come to you as soon as I learned to walk!”

11 "Overheard" Stories That Prove Love Really Does Exist

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Last year, my husband had to depart on a sudden business trip right on Valentine’s Day morning. But he didn’t leave me all bored and forlorn! When I came home that evening, I found on the dinner table my favorite chocolate cake and a card with a heart on it. The card contained exactly three words, but those words really made me happy: “Just for you!”

When my mom misses my dad, she takes his cologne and sprays it around the room. She says that this helps to create a “presence effect.” And when my dad comes home, he senses the cologne and smiles: “I see you’ve been thinking of me!”

I’ve fallen in love with a girl at university who has hearing problems. She is studying to be a sign language interpreter. I’m learning sign language too, so I’ll be able to ask her out on a date.

My husband has a constant body temperature of 96.8, and my temperature is 98.6. So my darling freezes all the time and I’m always hot… You can’t imagine how good it feels for both of us to sleep in each other’s embrace: he warms himself, while I cool down. We’re an ideal couple!

11 "Overheard" Stories That Prove Love Really Does Exist

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My grandmother got married at an early age to a man she didn’t love. Throughout her life, she felt strong romantic feelings toward another person. At first, they couldn’t be together because of their spouses, and later on because of their children. Then, already in their 90s, they met by chance in a hospital. The first thing her old flame told her was “Finally, I’ve found you!” Now they’re determined to live out what little is left of their lives together.

Today, I woke up to discover that my husband had put makeup on me while I was sleeping. “I did it so that you’d have more time to sleep,” he explained. By the way, my hubby is a professional makeup artist!

My grandma is 89. Not long ago, her fiancé, who is 98, presented her with a luxury Mercedes with the words “I want you to only drive over in a quality car!”

My husband and I were strolling through the city last night. Just hanging out, fooling around and talking. Suddenly, a young couple approached us and asked if we could give them our email address. They explained that they saw us kissing and couldn’t resist following us for an hour, taking pictures. That’s how our family photo archive got expanded with hundreds of new images of happy us. Our marriage recently turned 25. What a marvelously unexpected gift to mark this occasion!

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