13 Red Carpet Fashion Secrets Revealed

When celebrities walk down the red carpet, they cease to be regular people. They seem to be gods who have descended from the heavens. We are, however, all mortals. It’s just that celebrities are aware of certain realistic fashion hacks that they employ to achieve this look.

1. Slimming underwear

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Almost every celebrity wears it. Muffin tops and unsightly folds can be eliminated with the use of special body-shaping underwear. The gown would appear to be custom-made. Kim Kardashian isn’t afraid to wear high-waisted shorts or even full-length leggings.


2. Double-sided tape

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Fix the neckline with double-sided tape to ensure it remains exactly where it should be. Only make sure it’s not on display!

3. Butt pads

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You may use unique silicone butt and hip pads to emphasise your curves. During the Golden Globes preparations, Kristen Bell was bold enough to show this trick in her Instagram posts.

4. Glue stick instead of eyebrow wax


Sir John, Beyoncé’s makeup artist, says that the only way to deal with brows is to use Elmer’s glue stick. This substance lasts a long time but is easy to remove and does not clog pores.

5. Fake face lifting with tape


Lady Gaga begins her day by taping her face with bits of tape. This is a fantastic alternative to plastic surgery, which is frequently overpriced and unnecessary.

6. To avoid chafing, use deodorant.

If you’re bothered by uncomfortable thigh chafing, you won’t look your best on the red carpet. Amy Schumer was extremely generous and shared a fantastic summertime trick that any girl can use. All you have to do now is apply deodorant between your thighs.

7. Body makeup

If you’re going to wear a revealing dress, don’t forget to put some makeup on your body (especially your legs). Christina Hendricks’ skin is flawless thanks to a combination of makeup and body lotion.

8. Limos are the best way to transfer the dress.


There’s a reason why celebrities employ limos. If your dress is too tight to sit in, you should lie down and arrive not only in style, but also in a dress that is free of tears and wrinkles, as the horizontal posture stops the dress from getting nasty wrinkles.

9. Silicone bra


For a strapless dress or an ensemble with an open back, a silicone bra is a must-have. It’s no surprise that it’s been seen on the red carpet by a slew of celebrities, including Nicole Richie.

10. Stylists on hand at all times during the case


We are often blinded by the blinding glow of a well-dressed celebrity and fail to recognise the modestly dressed people who surround them. These, on the other hand, are the stylists who make them look flawless. On the red carpet, their job is to keep an eye on the gown at all times and to address any issues that might arise.

11. Wearing larger shoes

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we already looked at the curious issue of why celebrities don’t wear shoes that match perfectly? The response is simple: the extra room allows them to use special pads that prevent swelling in their feet.

12. Shoes with heels


Male celebrities who are self-conscious about their height prefer shoes with a small heel. This is a trick Tom Cruise employs frequently, particularly when he is accompanied by a stunning model.

13. Get ready for emergencies.

During a red carpet ceremony, Emma Watson showed what it takes to be healthy. No emergency should detract from the enjoyment. So make sure you have safety pins, instant stain remover, double-sided tape, and your favourite snack on hand.

Which of those suggestions do you think is the most useful? Will you give it a sh0t? Tell us about it in the comments section!
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