This Is What Happens When You Put Garlic In Your Ear

Garlic is an amazing healing agent. If you ever suffer from body pain, all you need to do is to put the garlic on your ear and watch what happens.

Check out these 10 DIY home remedies of garlic. They’ll surely help you save your medical bills.

1.Garlic can heal your body ache.

Though the garlic may leave some smell on your ear, at the end it’s totally worth it. You’ll definitely feel relaxed after doing it.

2.Garlic as a curative agent.
When you put garlic in your ear, it’ll heat your body from inside which will promptly cure your swelling, headaches, fever and earaches.

3.Garlic can help you get rid of earache.


You just need to place a clove of garlic in your ear for overnight which will make you quite refreshing in the next morning.

4.Garlic as a natural cough syrup.


If you’re suffering from an irritating cough, just consume the mixture of garlic and honey every two hours. It’ll provide you instant relief from cough.

5.Garlic keeps your heart healthy.

Garlic improves cardiovascular health by regulating proper blood flow and reducing cholesterol level. To combat heart disorders, just take 1 or 2 crushed garlic cloves in the morning daily.

6.Garlic controls hypertension.

Garlic functions as a vasodilator which helps to broaden the blood vessels thereby making blood flow smoother. People suffering from hypertension must eat a few garlic cloves daily on an empty stomach.

7.Garlic combats fungal infections.

Garlic is a one-stop solution for ringworm, athlete’s foot and jock itch. Apply garlic gel or oil on the affected portion of your skin and see the difference for yourself.

8.Garlic reduces Arthritis pain.

The anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of garlic helps to reduce the swelling caused due to arthritis. Consume garlic on an empty stomach in the morning to get relief from Arthritis pain. For best results, include it in your daily diet.

9.Garlic helps to prevent allergies.

People suffering from allergies must take garlic supplement on daily basis. You can also apply clove of garlic on rashes, bug bites or itched area of your skin for instant relief.

10.Garlic provides instant relief from toothache.


The anti-bacterial and analgesic properties of garlic combat toothache. Apply some garlic oil or a piece of crushed garlic clove onto the affected gum for instant relief.

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