Which Part Of Your Body Do You Wash First? Here’s What They Reveal About Your Personality

Cleanliness is a very important part of our life. The more you are hygienic the more you feel good and healthy. Cleanliness makes us feel fresh and that brings positive vibes around. You need to wash each and every body part but do you know science has to say about some fascinating facts about what body parts you should wash first.

The Face

People who wash their face first are attracted towards money in life. Money is the most important thing in their lives. They spend their whole life in earning money and saving for future. The people who wash their face first are also good in bed.
The Hair

Who wash hair first are almost opposite of the people who wash face first. These people are of artistic nature and use heart instead of the brain in making decisions. They don’t run for money and they are daydreamers.They are very lazy but they work tirelessly to achieve goals. They are often very creative in bed.

The Armpits

People who wash armpit first are very cheerful and all are fond of them. Although they depend too much on others to do their work but they need to be aware of backstabbers.
The Chest

These people are the most logical and straightforward. They do not waste time on silly things. They don’t like any interruption in their work and hate when someone is lazy.

The Ears

These people are very observative and they want to gain knowledge on almost everything. They are very stubborn also. They are very arrogant and have a high attitude.
The Shoulders

They are constantly failure in life. They are loners and people do not usually like them. They end up losing almost everything but once they are with people who wash their armpits first, things change for them.

These people are very good in bed and have high sexual drive. They are very loyal lovers but they open to very few persons.

They always surrender when there are tough moments in their life. Their personality is highly submissive. They make really bad partners and have a limited mindset. They scare failing and thus don’t even try.

People who wash their neck first are short tempered and coward. The society struggles to accept their outrageous personality.

Other Parts

Who wash other parts first are very average and they often fail to recognize their own strengths. They accept people with flaws and that is why they are very good friends as well as life partners.

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