Bizarre Creature Found Floating In The Persian Gulf…What The Heck Is This?

Is it a new animal species altogether or something that we know already exists? Take a look…

#3 This Unidentified Creature

Recently, Iranian Navy got a very unpleasant surprise in Persian gulf. They found this very weird creature floating in the gulf.

As soon as this photo surfaced on Internet, people started making random guesses about this not so common creature. These guesses made by people are more interesting than the actual identity of this creature.

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#2 What Is this?

Now the problem is that this thing in the water looks like an animal, a rock and a simple piece of thrash at the same time. So it is really difficult to guess what this actually is.

A few people think that this is some type of corpse that is floating lifelessly in the water. But even if it’s a corpse, what creature it used to be?

People on Reddit shared their own views which looks like a very reasonable one.

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#1 Views Of People On Reddit

Even the people on Reddit think that this is actually a corpse but they are little more clear about it than others. Users have clearly stated that this is nothing more than a corpse of a Whale that has been decomposing for a while.

They even say that it has a similar shape and size, and it’s the most reasonable answer so far. But another theory says that it doesn’t look enough like a whale, so it could very well be a new species that’s just been discovered.

We leave it on you to decide what this is. Do tell us if you figure out the reality.

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