Overprotective Mom Leaves Baby In The Care Of Young Niece. Minutes Later Receives This Photo

Cannot believe what happened here

#3 The Baby Love

#3 The Baby Love

Leaving your little one with someone else is surely a nerve-wracking task. Even though you go out, each second out there seems like a year because you have left your heart with someone.

Certain questions like will they be paying close attention to the baby? Will they keep a close watch when the baby needs them? keep coming back to you until you return

#2 Claudia Sorhaindo’s baby

#2 Claudia Sorhaindo's baby

Same feelings were traversing Claudia’s mind who had to leave her baby with her niece before walking out of the house for some urgent work. While she was constantly worried about how her young niece would take care of the baby, her phone rang.

It was a picture from J’Ann that shocked her to her core. Read on to know what her niece had done with the baby.


#1 This Cracked Me Up

#1 This Cracked Me Up

Sharing this picture with her aunt, J’Ann wrote that she did exactly what her aunt wanted, to not leave the baby even for a second. So, when hunger pangs came up and J’Ann thought of making a sandwich, she thought of this way to not leave the baby unattended while she was preparing herself a sandwich.

J’Ann placed the baby girl inside of her track pants! The pants created a MacGyver-like baby holder and Ava literally never left J’Ann’s side!

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