The Bride is 11, The Groom 35 Years Old. See What The Family Do When They Get Married.. WOW!

It was an almost fairy tale like wedding. The cake and decorations were beautiful. Unfortunately, there was something seriously wrong.

#3 Her Big Day.

#3 Her Big Day.

Getting married is every girl’s dream. That flawless white gown, those flowers and decoration, wine and cake, it all seems a fable. Its a grand event in both bride and groom’s life and also for both the families. Even you must have had the whole picture of your wedding imagined in the back of your head.

But the story of this Bride is way to different from yours. Though her big day was no less than a fairy tale with the magnanimous arrangements. That gorgeous smile a bride surely has, was nowhere to be found.

Was she forced to take the vows or something else was bothering her ? Find out in the next page.

#2 In A Blue Funk.

#2 In A Blue Funk.

She was dressed like an angel, walking down the aisle. But her beauty was in vein because of the melancholic feel. Her Groom, 35, was waiting for her and as she stepped in, her school friends waved her with a whammy look. As this Bride was only 11.

She cried as her innocence was brutally murdered. Her childhood is being sacrificed at a very mere age. When she shall be waving a good bye while she leaves for her school, she has to bid a good bye to her parents forever.


#1 She Ain’t The Only One.

Studies conducted by UNICEF says, that around 15 million girls are victimized of early marriage. One of the stand-in stated, ‘The sad truth is that a girl who is married as a child is more likely to be out of school, experience domestic violence, and become infected with HIV/AIDS. She is more likely to have children when she herself is still a child,and is far more likely to die due to complications during pregnancy and childbirth.’

Watch the saddening story created by UNICEF below, as this wedding bells sing the blues.

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