When She Put Her Arm Around Her Dying Sister. No One Expected This To Happen Next.

This is emotional. You won’t believe what happened when she put her arm around her dying sister.

Jackson Sisters

Jackson Sisters

You might have heard many stories of twins but this is a very different and a rare one.

These twins have been the center of attention for weeks now: Kyrie and Brielle Jackson. What happened to them is absolutely miraculous!

It generally takes 9 months for a baby to come out of the mother’s womb but in Jackson sister’s case,The tiny twins were born 12 weeks early. Only weighing 2 lbs., they were obviously underdeveloped and living did not look like an option for them.

Brielle’s Condition getting worse

Brielle's Condition getting worse

The 2 sister were separated into different incubators. Brielle’s condition started to get better and she started to put on some weight.

Although things started to look better the doctors said that it was likely that she would die.

After a couple of weeks the stronger of the two Brielle started to have these life threatening fits where she would scream and cry until she couldn’t breathe anymore and then would turn blue. The nurse responsible to watch over the two sisters tried everything with little success.


Nurse gave a try

Nurse gave a try

Nobody could figure out why she was acting like this.

Out of desperation the acting nurse Gayle Kasparian had an idea. She put the screaming Brielle next to her weak and fragile sister. Even though this was against hospital policy Gayle was going to try everything even if it meant her losing her job. Then something miraculous happened.

Happy Ending

Happy Ending

What happened next was unbelievable.Even the nurse who brought them together might not have thought about it.The screaming Brielle calmed down and put her arm around her struggling sister.

Shortly after, little Kyrie began to stabilize and she started to gain weight daily. Since then Kyrie and Brielle Jackson have grown to be healthy young ladies at the age of 20 and are soon graduating from college.

The two sisters since birth spend a lot of time together and do everything that normal twins would do.

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