14 Things Men Find Least attractive In A Woman

There has always been a debate about what do men like in women the most and what do women like in men the most. Let us settle the first half of that debate for once and for all! Here you go! Take a note this time!
Terrible Personal Hygiene

No one likes people with bad personal hygiene! Be clean!

Arrogant people are the worst. men hate women who are arrogant!

Bad Mouthing!

Point is very simple, if you can bad mouth your ex boyfriend, you can bad mouth your current boyfriend as well! That’s the worst!

Anyone excessively needy can never be in the good books of anyone!

Too Much Drama

Let’s face it, who likes too much drama in their life? it is just so unnecessary!
Unable to Hold A Conversation

If you are an uninteresting person who cannot hold a conversation for more than 30 seconds, forget about anyone liking you or wanting to be with you!
Bad Temper

Bad temper leads to a lot of fights! No one wants that!
Ambition less Or Goal less!

Not having strong goals for yourself can really turn off the other person! Not cool!

If you are unavailable all the time, how do you expect the other person to like you or share his personal life with you?

Gossip girl

Bad Listener

If you aren’t a good listener and only care about what you have to say, do not expect to be in a great relationship!
Intricate Hairstyle

Believe it or no, weird hairstyles are not something that men get their kicks from!
Too Much Perfume!

Too much perfume can be harmful as well! In fact, it can make you smell weird sometimes!
Not taking care Of herself

Men don’t like women who don’t like themselves and take care of themselves. So you better start taking care of yourself!

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