Mom Had No Idea Why Her Baby Was So Sick. Then She Took The Top Off His Sippy Cup And Saw THIS

This just scares me. Take care of your kids…

#4 Illness

#4 Illness

Getting ill is a part of every new born kid’s life. All of us have experienced that. It isn’t a problem generally. The problem starts when this illness becomes constant and refuses to go.

This is the problem that Penny and Simon Powell’s suffered. Their son became ill and things just got out of hand. This is indeed very scary.

#3 This Story

#3 This Story

So Penny and Simon’s son got ill, and that just got worse for no apparent reason. They had no clue why their son is getting ill with every passing day. Now this is an enough reason to get really worried.

But luckily Simon had an idea that his son’s sippy cup could actually be the reason – and he was right.

You have no idea what is coming ahead…


#2 Tommy Tippee Cup

#2 Tommy Tippee Cup

This is what the kid was doing. He was using a Tommy Tippee Cup, a spill-proof sippy that was designed to be a savoir to parents all over the globe. Instead, it ends up collecting liquids in the spout and eventually growing mold.

This picture itself looks so scary. The parents shared this picture on Facebook and realized that they are not the only ones suffering from this problem.

Checkout the video ahead…

#1 The Video

People around the world suffer from this problem. The company’s response is really what will make you rage though, as you’ll come to find in the video below.

Checkout this video below.

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