40 Tragic Hair Accidents, As Shared In This Online Community (New Pics)

It’s a fun online community that collects pictures of the worst and most unfortunate haircuts it can find. Terribly-dyed dreadlocks, crooked bangs, you name it, ‘Just Eff My Crap Up’ has it all. Also, I like the fact that it features everyone—it doesn’t matter whether you are a regular person or a famous politician. If there’s a misunderstanding on your head, you are getting featured.

I’m not gonna lie. At first, I had conflicting feelings scrolling through this subreddit. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for everyone in the pics. But then I got it. We’ve all had a bad haircut and experienced the pain that comes with it. We can enjoy the list guilt-free—we have the laugh pass!

What Is Even Going On?!


He Looks Like A Disney Villain

He Looks Like A Disney Villain


When Your Company Says No Facial Hair...



Jo Johannsen 1 day ago😂😂
The Brexit; When Your Barber Is European


No Let's Talk About The Hair


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Jo Johannsen 1 day agoHit the ball with their heads a few too many times.

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