Mom Urges “Do NOT Buy This Harmful Sunscreen” After 3-Month-Old Is Hospitalized for 3 Days From Burns

As the summer months draw closer and the kids wrap up the school year, one thing is for sure: Everyone will be spending a lot more time outside. And you want to avoid any harmful sunscreen.

But before packing up and heading out to the beach, mothers everywhere are warning about the harmful effects of—not the sun—but some harmful SUNSCREENS that have caused more than just a scare with their young kids.

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Last week, Faithit reported about a mother named Rebecca Cannon, whose 14-month-old daughter suffered 2nd-degree burns from Banana Boat Kids SPF 50. The little girl endured weeks of painful swelling and blisters on her face which doctors believed to be a chemical burn, caused by the harmful sunscreen.

harmful sunscreenRebecca Cannon

It turns out, Rebecca is not alone.

One mother from Queensland, Australia is sharing disturbing pictures of her 3-month old son who was hospitalized from the burning effects of harmful sunscreen–not the sun.

harmful sunscreen

Jessie Swan purchased the Cancer Counsel’s Peppa Pig Kids Sunscreen SPF 50+. Though her infant son was not exposed to the sun, she decided to lather him up anyway, because the whole family was outdoors and she wanted to be safe.

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