Woman Cheats On Her Husband With The Mailman. This Is Priceless…

#4 Last Day At Work

Some stories just prove that our world lacks intelligence big time. Nevertheless, such stories successfully leave behind endless laughter that isn’t easy to forget. This story falls under the same category. <>
In here, Mailman went out for the last day of his job after 35 years of carrying the mail through all kinds of weather to the same neighbourhood. the way he was treated by everyone was inspiring.

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#3 The Gifts

So the people he went to deliver mails on his last day of job welcomed him nicely. When he arrived at the first house on his route, he was greeted by the entire family.

They gave him a big gift envelope. After that he went to the second house. What they gave him made him very happy. They gave him a box of fine Cigars.

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#2 More Gifts

As soon as this old mail man entered the third house, they handed him a set of brilliant looking fishing lures. The fourth house is where it all started. So as soon as he went to the fourth house, he was greeted by a very pretty women dressed provocatively in a revealing negligee.

This women gently led him through the door and took him to her bed room. What happened next is what you think will happen next!

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#1 The Climax

Inside the bedroom, this old man experienced the most passionate love making of his life. When they had enough (he was old), they went down and this pretty women served him a giant breakfast. She served eggs, potatoes, ham, sausages, blueberry waffles and fresh orange juice. This man noticed a dollar bill under the glass.

He asked the women about the bill to which her reply left him stunned. She said, ‘Last night I told my husband that today will be your last day so we should do something special. He said, screw him, give him a dollar. But this breakfast was my idea!’

Yes you read it right, it actually happened!

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