Woman Snaps Dad Dragging Daughter By The Hair, But His Responses Raises Alarm Bells With Cops

This dad dragged her daughter around Walmart in Texas!

#3 The Dad’s Act

#3 The Dad's Act

Humans put to display the strangest behaviour at times. But the only positive thing about this incident is people’s reaction towards the brutality shown by this father.

It was a usual day at Walmart and this woman went to fetch some daily needs from the store when she saw something highly disturbing! A dad was dragging his daughter by her hairs while she was been reluctant and uncomfortable

#2 The Woman Snapped Him

#2 The Woman Snapped Him

She took snaps of him doing the unbelievable to his daughter while he told the woman ” to mind her own business”! The woman gave the most fitting reply. He told her, “No I’m not! Right now this little girl is my business and you need to let her hair go now!”

What she did next to make her stop is exactly what should’ve been done! Read on to know!


#1 She called the cops

#1 She called the cops

She immediately called the cops to file a case against this man and put up the whole issue on the social media so that this man could be traced and punished severely!

The cops are lately trying to investigate and find out about the whereabouts of this man so that justice could be served. They also confirmed that the women named Eliza was not just the one who called up to inform them but there were several other complaints too!

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