Cute Little Boy’s Explanation To Why God Created Grandmothers Has Me Rolling On The Floor

Everyone loves their grandma, right? No one can explain why grandmas are supreme.
There are few things grandmas can’t do with their grandchildren, and the love they give cannot be measured.
Mothers must handle the daily problems that come with being a parent. Grandmothers just have to give their grandchildren all the love they have.
Because a little boy answered an important question, the following video went viral. The cameraman asked the boy why he thinks God made grandma.
The boy happen to be putting on his uniform for martial arts at the time.
His answer is the latest internet viral sensation.
The boy’s idea of God’s reason for creating grandmas has been scientifically proven.
Evidence was given by researchers who investigated the reason why grandmas are supreme.
Grandmothers are more relaxed with their grandchildren than they were when they were moms.
Grandparents are more lenient than parents, and they are not concerned about their grandchildren acting out a little.
Giving a child a treat makes them happy, regardless of the fact that it sometime is a rule breaker.
If it was her child, maybe grandma would scold the child. As a grandma, though, she feels she can work things out without being so strict because she’s not the mother.
Grandmothers can focus on having fun with their grandchildren. They can take them to a movie or out to eat.
They need not be concerned about purchasing diapers and health insurance, and they don’t have to think about selecting a school the child can go to.
Even though the evidence is in favor of grandmas, the young boy desires to talk about his insights.
Although you may want to share some of your own insights, you must see all the love this boy has for his grandmother or (as he calls her) his MamMa.
Children should be with their grandparents more often, if possible. Grandparents feed their grandkids well and shower them with love. They are also dedicated to their grandchildren.
Grandparents are more patient than parents are, and they will always be around. Their experience has helped them understand.
Since time has passed since they had a child, being grandparents brings up memories of when they were young parents.

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