People Judge Loses His Patience And Tells Woman He Hopes She Dies In Prison

Judges are known for their ability to remain calm under even the most shocking circumstances, but in this court, Jackson County Circuit Judge John McBain was completely unable to keep his cool due to the heartless behavior of a certain criminal.
Camia Gamet, 32, repeatedly stabbed her boyfriend Marcel Hill, 38, to death with multiple different weapons, yet showed no remorse in the aftermath of this brutal murder.

She claimed that the events surrounding her arrest were full of lies and that she did this in self-defense – a claim which the jury rejected.

During her hearing sentencing, Gamet continually showed disrespect towards the judge and the family of the victim, smirking and rolling her eyes during witness testimony from the victim’s family.

She even interrupted the testimonies with blatant disrespect, and it was those actions that caused Judge McBain to snap.

Angrily, the judge burst out against her, reprimanding her for her attitude and even saying he hoped she would die in prison.
The outburst shocked those at the trial and footage swept the nation and went viral.

When later asked about his display of emotion, Judge McBain did not apologize for it and stood by what he did, saying that his job was first and foremost to maintain order in the court, and he had to stop the accused from interrupting.

Multiple people have stood by Judge McBain’s actions, too, saying he is only human and that Gamet’s display of heartlessness and cruelty were deserving of his actions.

Others believe he behaved unprofessionally and should have been able to remain calm.

Where do you stand on this matter?

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