Couple Buys $130 Set Of Engagement Rings, Saleswoman Shakes Head And Calls It ‘Pathetic’

When Ariel Desiree McRae’s boyfriend Quinn proposed to her, the young Tennessee couple knew they didn’t have a lot of money to invest in engagement rings.

But after dating for 24 months, they were ready to commit to each other and get married.

Quinn felt badly that he had only been able to save $130, which was not enough to buy Ariel the pear-shaped ring of her dreams.

But it was enough to purchase a simple but very attractive set of matching rings created out of sterling silver and cubic zirconia.

Ariel loved the rings because of what they represented to her, Quinn’s love and devotion, and it didn’t matter that they weren’t expensive.

The real prize was that she and her best friend were finally getting married.

While making their purchase at the local jewelry store, however, things took a very sad turn.

A saleswoman looked at the rings the couple were about to purchase as they sat on the counter, shook her head, then mentioned to a co-worker she thought it was pathetic that any man would consider this low-cost engagement set.

The couple didn’t want to file a complaint against the heartless saleswoman, so they simply went ahead and purchased the ring set they could afford.

But Ariel got her revenge at the saleswoman’s cruel comment by posting a story on Facebook which was then picked up by the local news media.

The young couple is still happy and in love with their modest engagement rings, while that saleswoman is the subject of a lot of criticism for her nasty comment.

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