Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Daughters Insist Beth Knew Dog Was Cheating On Her The Whole Time

Dog the Bounty Hunter, who was born Duane Chapman, is in a bit of hot water with his family at the moment.

In June 2019 his wife, Beth Chapman, died of cancer. Beth was Duane’s fifth wife and she was quite popular due to his television series. Beth was only 51 years old at the time of her death.

Many fans were surprised when Duane began dating quickly after Beth’s death. Soon after Beth died Duane told fans that he’d “never marry again,” a claim that ended up not being true (which is fair enough). In 2021, he married Francie Frane and the pair reportedly instantly bonded. Francie also had a spouse die from cancer, so she knew what Duane was going through.

That said, two of his kids seem to feel left out.

His daughters can’t help but see how fast their dad moved on.

“I’m disappointed in you,” daughter Bonnie Chapman said to him when asked to address her feelings on camera. “And, my mom would be, too, and you know it.” Daughter Cecily Chapman also feels like Duane was quick to cut them out and move forward with his life.

According to Cecily, Duane stopped talking to the two of them right after Beth’s death.

As Cecily made sure to mention, it was extremely hurtful as she lost so much during that time. Losing your mom is never easy. But feeling like you are losing your dad immediately after to another woman can be even worse. During a loss, a family needs to bond together to stay strong.

The two also revealed that Beth was fully aware that Duane was cheating on her throughout the relationship. So, it appears that Duane may not be the family man he appears to be on social media.

Watch the video to see what else Cecily and Bonnie have to share.

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