Drew Barrymore Pays Emotional Visit To Institution She Spent Year And A Half In As A Teen

Drew Barrymore just paid an incredibly emotional visit to the institution she spent time in as a teen. On her tour of Los Angeles, as part of the season two premiere of The Drew Barrymore Show, she showed viewers the doors where her mother dropped her off.

“The place with all the barbed wire? Yeah, that’s it,” Drew said as she approached the institution.

Through tears, Drew talked about being a “wild child,” and though she didn’t seem to fault her mother for taking the drastic measure of having her committed, it’s still painful to remember that rough time in her life.

Drew spent about a year and a half in the institution. Looking back at those dark and excruciating days, the actress sobbed and opened up about feeling like she would never have a successful, happy life.

Drew also talked about why she thinks it’s so important to share her experience with her viewers. “There’s an elegance hopefully to [The Drew Barrymore Show],” she said. “But I will never lose sight of this part of my story.”

Living in the facility, for Drew, felt like hitting rock bottom. Once she got out, she reinvented her life. Now Drew can look back with gratitude for the experience, despite how tough it was.

“I have seen and been through things and they’ve helped me just recognize in all of us that we go through stuff and it can’t be embarrassing. It has to be our strengths. It has to be something that we can be proud of because we overcame it. And we look back with honor … and humor.”

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