Florida Man Says The Water Surrounding Brian Laundrie Search Site Is Full Of Alligators

As the search for Brian Laundrie enters its 11th day, those familiar with the 25,000-acre Carlton Reserve are speaking out in defense of law enforcement’s exhaustive search.

Jeffrey Heim is a 25-year-old who enjoys scuba diving in his spare time. He was scuba diving, searching for giant prehistoric megalodon shark teeth, when he was attacked by a 7-foot alligator.

The alligator pulled Jeffrey down, pulling his mask off and holding him underwater for a brief moment. When Jeffrey came back up, he was face-to-face with his assailant.

Jeffrey suffered a skull fracture in the attack and received 34 staples in his head. He said he’s dealt with anxiety in the wake of attack and doesn’t have any intention of returning to the river, which is full of many more alligators than others in the area.

Jeffrey expressed a great amount of respect for the law enforcement officials currently searching for Brian Laundrie in those alligator-infested waters. Police have recently had to speak out in defense of the nearly two-week-long search of the reserve.

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