Teen Flies Home To Spend Birthday With Mom, Dies Days Later From Toxic Shock Syndrome

In March 2017, Dawn Massabni was eagerly anticipating the arrival of her daughter. She had a great weekend planned for them both.

Madalyn Massabni was flying home from Florida, where she was attending college, to spend her 19th birthday with her mother in New Jersey.

On Maddy’s birthday, Dawn took her out for dinner, but when they got back home, Maddy said she wasn’t feel well.

As the night progressed, Maddy’s symptoms worsened. Dawn planned to take her to the doctor as soon as they woke up.

But the next morning, Maddy could barely speak. “I don’t even know if she knew who I was and I called 911 right away,” Dawn told Good Morning America.

By the time the first responders arrived, Maddy had already suffered a seizure — and a heart attack was soon to come.

So what caused this active, healthy young woman to fall so unbelievably ill, so unbelievably suddenly?

Nothing could prepare Dawn for the horror about to unfold during what was supposed to be an incredible mother-daughter weekend.

Just three days after her 19th birthday, Maddy passed away.

Now Dawn is on a mother’s mission to spread awareness about the rare but deadly illness that ultimately took her beautiful daughter’s life.

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