‘Traveling As A Fat Person’: Woman Highlights The Problems That Skinny People Probably Never Think Of

Meet Mary Fran Donnelly, a bubbly 27-year-old teacher and body positivity advocate who won the hearts of the internet with her fun and lighthearted TikTok videos. She covers anything from dealing with toxic friends to learning to love your body the way it is, and handling fatphobic remarks, making her content all too important in a society that’s still hostile to all bodies, shapes and sizes.

Recently Mary started a video series titled “Traveling as a Fat Person” where she revealed how the hotel she stayed in during a family vacation was not meant for plus-size guests.

From super small towels that don’t cover much to the tiny toilet and even tinier chair, Mary’s humorous demonstration amassed millions of views. The videos reveal just how the hotel industry is far from ready to cater to everyone, and you wonder how we are all still okay with this.
Body positivity advocate Mary Fran has been sharing humorous videos on TikTok that amass millions of views

@itsmaryfranBecause Tik Tok thinks I’m bullying MYSELF, here’s the re-upload for the besties♬ original sound – Mary Fran

While on a family vacation, Mary posted a couple of humorous videos demonstrating just how unsuitable the hotel was for plus-size guests

While on vacation with her family, Mary realized just how absurd the layout of their hotel bathroom really was. But it was just the beginning, as she demonstrated all the flawed design and objects that were most likely chosen without plus-size people in mind.


@itsmaryfranTraveling as a Fat Person Episode 2♬ original sound – Mary Fran


Mary’s incredible sense of humor and bubbly personality made the tour video go viral with millions of views. However, as fun as it may look, it’s not always easy to cope with such uncomfortable situations, Mary said in an interview with Buzzfeed.

“I cope through humor… I was making light of a situation that is a very real stress for fat, plus-size people… my sister and I could only laugh at how absurd it was.” In reality, the sizes of things like the towels, toilet, and chairs would be way too small for most of us.

In her recent stories on Instagram, Mary made a confession to her followers: “And that’s all to say that this girl is far from being 100% confident. That while I have major moments of ‘eff the haters,’ I also have such real moments where I listen to the cruelty and believe it in a tiny way. Because my entire life and existence has been contingent on my feeling worthless in a world that doesn’t like me. That my voice doesn’t matter because I’m plus-sized.”

“So this is a reminder for me,” she continued: “You deserve the attention you’re getting. You’re worthy of the support and love that is being given. You are more than just skin and bones, you have value. Your voice and what you have to say is important.”

Image credits: itsmaryfran

Mary’s powerful statement resonated with many people struggling there in a society governed by seemingly perfect looks and unattainable beauty standards. Her voice offers a fresh breath of air reminding us that we all are worthy of love, attention, support and so much more.

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