Wife Is Confused By Rainbow Confetti During Gender Reveal, Then Husband Grabs Box On Grass

Chris and Tracy were married in August 2013. After almost two years of wedded bliss, the Southern couple was blessed with their first pregnancy. In November 2015, their closest friends and family gathered for a gender reveal in the front yard, where the couple would pop a giant black balloon on camera.

The expecting couple had no idea what color of confetti to expect, but they knew it would either be blue or pink. Instead of Chris and Tracy surprising their family with the baby’s gender, they decided their family members would surprise them with the results instead.

Imagine Chris and Tracy’s surprise when a collection of bright rainbow colors burst from the big balloon.

In the clip below, Tracy is visibly bewildered by the confetti scattered on the ground that she looks at her family in sheer confusion. “You got a whole bunch of babies!” someone sh0uts. “Look inside the box!” the cameraman ye|ls.

There’s a small cardboard box sitting in the grass, but inside they find nothing but rocks. “I am so confused,” Chris admits. The gender reveal is going all sorts of wrong… or so they think.

That’s when the final step in this untraditional gender reveal takes place. There was a second balloon the whole time containing the answer Chris and Tracy were waiting for. They were duped by their own family!

“I like the psych out method,” one YouTube commenter writes. “I think it takes the focus away from gender expectation and gears it more toward gender celebration.”

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Logan Kavaluskis of Hudsonville, Michigan, was 13 years old. Like so many kids his age, Logan dreamed of one day having a puppy to call his own. However, his dad Joe always had bad allergies and wasn’t able to give his son the dog of his dreams.For nine difficult and emotional years, Joe battled myeloma c*ncer. He passed away in January 2020 at the age of 47.

Before Joe d!ed, he came up with a very special surprise for his beloved son, and he got his wife Melanie and the rest of the family to help him deliver.

In the clip below, Logan’s cousin Jon turns around in their car and hands the boy an adorable Boston terrier puppy.

At first, Logan is under the impression they’re just bringing the dog to his new owner.

Moments later, Jon reveals the tear-jerking truth — that this puppy is Logan’s birthday present. And that wasn’t all.

“That’s from your dad,” Jon tells him. “That’s your dog.”

Logan is shocked, having had no clue his father had arranged this all before he passed away.

“Dad wanted you to have a puppy.”

Watch the incredible moment Logan meets his new best friend, Indy.

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