911 Dispatcher Sentenced To Jail After Hanging Up On Thousands Of Callers

When you call 911, you expect to get help.

You never expect that the operator will hang up on you!

But a former 911 operator in Houston admitted she would hang up on callers when she didn’t feel like talking to anyone!

She is a 911 operator.

Her job is to talk to people and help them when they need it!

Image Credit: City of Houston

Crenshanda Williams, 43, answered thousands of emergency calls that only lasted 20 or less – that is because she decided to hang up!

Image Credit: KPRC

Williams faces a $4,000 fine for each of those counts and a year in ja!l.

The charge against her was interference with an emergency phone call, a misdemeanor.

One caller, Buster Pendley, called 911 on March 1, when his wife passed out.

Williams asked Pendley what they problem was and hung up after Pendley had said his wife needed an ambulance!

Image Credit: KPRC

In another call, a customer Hua Li, at the store called 911 to report a robbery, and before he finished telling Williams what was happening, the line went de*d.

Li called 911 again and got a different operator, but by the time the police arrived, the store clerk was de*d.

Image Credit: KPRC

In a final example, Williams got a call from a security guard that was reporting a reckless driver on Interstate 45.

The guard didn’t even have enough time to give Williams his full name before she hung up.

Williams will be in court on October 17.

I hope she gets the maximum sentence, she was clearly negligent.

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