Cops Who Spot A Toddler Crying In The Middle Of The Mall Make Brutal Realization

A child was found wandering a Brazilian shopping mall.
Closed circuit cameras showed his parents aband0ning him.

What kind of a mother just leaves her child at a shopping mall?

The child wasn’t alone for long, security and bystanders acted quickly.

There are a lot of aband0ned children living on the streets of Brazil – this story highlights the problem.

The video shows the man walk into the store holding the child.

The woman is just behind them.

The man puts the child down and walks off.

The woman turns and walks back out the door.

The poor child doesn’t know what to do.

There are around 13 million street kids in Brazil.

Something needs to be done.
Take a look at this video

The children face extreme hardships and are said to be v!ctimized by law enforcement.

It is not the child’s fault they were aband0ned.

My heart is broken.

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