Man On Deathbed Claims He Saw God And Received A Warning For All

Miracles do happen, though often in unexpected ways.
When Herbert Broome was on his deathbed, in his last minutes of his time on earth, God came to him in a vision and gave him a message that he decided to pass on to any who would listen.

Broome got straight to the point with his vision – he spoke of the horrors and terrors of hell, and said that he had seen his own guardian angel.

He then urged those around him to accept Christianity and Jesus Christ, begging them to drop materialistic attitudes and focus on accepting Jesus Christ as their savior.

Shortly after saying all these things, Broome passed away, with his family promising to share his words with the Internet.
And share them they did! The video has garnered over one million views!

Take a look at this video

While skeptics have voiced their disbelief of the clip, some helpful commenters who are knowledgeable in the areas of human psychology and kinetics shared their thoughts.

They have stated that Broome’s voice, facial expressions, and speech mannerisms indicate that he is telling the truth – or, at the very least, that he believes he is!
What do you make of this situation?

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