Officers Hear Whimpers Coming From A Pile Of Dirt And Find Poor Creature Buried Alive

It’s really difficult to understand why anyone would or could harm a defenseless and innocent animal.

It takes a special kind of ev!l to be able to do so without feeling regret, and especially to do so in very crue|, t0rturous ways.

The noises of a whimpering dog could be heard across the woods as police were out on a job in Williston, Florida.

They couldn’t immediately see a dog anywhere around them, so they tried to follow the sounds and were met with an icy shock when they realized that those cries were originating from a pile of dirt.

Image Credit: Williston Police Department

Working quickly, they dug through the dirt and found a tiny puppy about half a foot deep who had been aband0ned and left to d!e, buried alive in a crue| act.

Somehow, the puppy had survived despite lacking space for air.

Immediately, the pup was brought the a vet, where it was found that he was only a week old.

Image Credit: Williston Police Department

Thankfully, the puppy was still in a good state of health.

He was easy to bottle feed and was happy for the much-needed meal.

Image Credit: Levy Animal Clinic /

The pup was given the name Tucker, and his charm managed to win over a veterinary technician who was working at the time.

That vet tech decided to take him in and adopt him.

Image Credit: Levy Animal Clinic /

Despite all the tr*uma this pup went through, in the end, he found a forever home quickly!

What a happy ending to a story that started out so heartbreakingly!

Image Credit: Levy Animal Clinic /

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