Teacher Picks Up Tab For Man Who’s Short On Cash At Wawa Only To Learn It’s Keith Urban

A few years back, Ruth Reed and her husband made a very special New Year’s resolution. They work hard all year to keep it going.

Every week, the kindhearted couple from New Jersey pick up a stranger’s tab at places like Wawa and Dunkin’ Donuts. They’re especially interested in helping military men and women, but they’ll help out anyone who needs a hand.

One night, Ruth — a retired elementary school teacher and current substitute teacher — was standing in line at Wawa. She noticed the man in front of her struggling to pay for his items at the register.

The man, who was standing in line with a woman, couldn’t get his credit card to process. He started asking around for $5.

That’s when Ruth saw her perfect opportunity to make good on her weekly deed. She stepped in and insisted on paying for the man’s coffee.

Taking a closer glance at his face, she realized he looked awfully familiar.

After a surreal and humorous exchange, Ruth noticed a couple of bodyguards standing behind her… and that’s when she “fell apart,” right there in the convenience store.>

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