Married Man Spends $76,000 To Look Like The ‘Perfect Woman’

Fulvia Pellegrino, 56, is a tra-nsgender woman. She recently spent more than $76,000 to change her body to look like a woman.

According to reports, Fulvia has undergone more than 150 lip and cheekbone fil|ers, two sessions of liposuction, and four bre*st implants.

Fulvia was fully supported by her wife, Marisa.

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Fulvia was born and named Fulvio. At the age of fifteen, she first started to recognize that she was tra-nsgender.

Her family was very religious, and she kept is secret.

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Fulvia met Marisa 32 years ago and didn’t even tell her the secret. Marisa and Fulvia got married.

Fulvia started to cross dress in their garage, and she even visited g-ay bars.

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In public, Fulvia was all male. She bought expensive cars and f!re-arms.

It was 16 years ago when Fulvia told Marisa the secret she had been hiding for so long.

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Today, Marisa and Fulvia live together and are more like sisters than husband and wife.

Marisa did have to see a psychologist help her adjust.

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Fulvia’s family were not accepting and even prevented her from attending her father’s fun-eral.

Fulvia’s journey began. She started with a round of hormone therapy.

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The fil|ers and b*tt lift came later. Fulvia no longer works. The couple is barely surviving on Marisa’s income.

Fulvia had to sell all the cars and f!re-arms to pay for her treatments.

Her goal is to look like the American tra-nsgender p0rn star, Allanah Starr.

Best of luck to you Fulvia, it is important to feel comfortable in your own body.

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