Mom Accidentally Covers Baby, Doctor And Walls In Huge ‘Poo Explosion’ During Harsh Labor

Izzy Fox, aged 28, and her partner Luke, were having trouble conceiving their first child.
As such, you can imagine their excitement when, after fertility treatment, Izzy finally fell pregnant!

Everything went relatively smoothly throughout Izzy’s pregnancy, apart from the fact that she was 10 days overdue before she even went into labor at all!

She didn’t have a birth plan at the time, as she knew the process would be “awful” regardless of what she did.

What she didn’t expect was for it to take a humiliating and gross turn!

issybellefox / Instagram

It was 1 in the morning when Izzy went into labor, and her midwife went right to work, requesting a urine sample.
At that moment, as the midwives waited to collect her urine, trouble began.

As she put pressure to push our some urine, fecal matter began to escape, too! The professional midwives laughed it off and carried on.

But then the contractions kept getting worse, and closer together, leading to even more poo being pushed out, especially by 7am!

Soon, more waste was exiting with every single contraction.

The poor midwives were very tactful, merely wiping it all away quickly, but Luke, Izzy’s partner, was getting a full, hilarious, and gross view!

issybellefox / Instagram

Uneven dilations caused tensions to rise within the room, as Izzy’s baby’s heart rate was slowly beginning to decrease.

Izzy had to keep switching sides as needed due to the unevenness. When the clock struck 12 pm, the doctor made the decision to perform an episiotomy.

Sparing the gory details, it is essentially when a doctor makes a surgical cut to enlarge the opening through which the baby will pass.

But the baby was stubbornly staying put, so the doctor put in some forceps. This caused Izzy extreme pain – and a lot of added pressure.

That’s when she felt herself painfully tear – and she exploded.

No, literally: she exploded blood, waste material, and more all over the room and the medical professionals!

issybellefox / Instagram

Oh, and her baby came sailing out, too.

He was covered in the usual things, but also fecal matter from his mother – and as much as Izzy loved him the moment she saw him, she also knew he was extremely gross at that exact moment!

In fact, the first words the little baby ever heard was her statement to that effect!

Izzy and Luke now have an absolutely hilarious birth story to tell, and their son, who they named Freddie, is at home and enjoying his brand new life and world.

Many people are loving Izzy’s candid honesty.

It’s definitely not something you hear a lot about childbirth!

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