She gave birth in the ocean and the video went viral: “the waves had the same rhythm as the contractions”

This is Josy Peukert, a 27-year-old German woman who urges reflection through her initiative. She gave birth on the shore of the Pacific Ocean!

“The world needs more men who trust their women and their abilities and support and love them from the bottom of their hearts,” she wrote on her Instagram account.

In addition, she exclusively for the New York Post announced that through free birth she wants to show what a woman’s body is capable of doing without medical intervention.


Josy she reflects on the fact that she has a harmonious bond with nature and points out that there is wisdom and harmony between the human and the sea. She, in turn, encourages women not to feel pressured under stigmas and to be freer.

The images are shocking! There you can see Josy Peukert kneeling on the shore of the beach while she has contractions. Then, towards the end of the video, she visualizes her with her baby in her arms.


There is no more noble gesture than recognizing the role of mothers! Undoubtedly, this bond is generated from the moment the baby begins to form inside and the connection between the two is so great that nothing can separate them.

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