Woman Was ‘Dead’ For 27 Minutes, But As Soon As She Woke Up She Scribbled A Spine-Chilling Message…

Tina was always healthy and was looking forward to a hike near her home in Arizona with her husband Brian, but Tina fell down as the couple was heading out.

Brian fell down beside his wife who turned grim purple and started giving her CPR.

The mother-of-four was momentarily brought back to life, but Brian had to bring her back once more before paramedics came at the scene and took over.

In the horrifying ambulance ride for Tina, the team kept losing her, and was resuscitated a total of six times before she came to the hospital.

For a total of 27 minutes, Tina was effectively de*d, she and her family told

At the hospital she was intubated and unable to speak, but as soon as she awoke, Tina gestured for something to write on to scribble her spine-chilling message…

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