VIDEO: I’m done, Jada Smith reveal that She Is Finally Divorcing Will Smith

Jada koren pinkett Smith is an American actress. She is co-host of the Facebook watch talk show Red table talk, for which she has awarded Emmy Award. In 2021,Time named her one of the most influential people in the world in 100. Jada Smith disclose she is planned for divorce With Will Smith.

She said “ It’s Over.” Will Smith who recently took headline in an Oscars event after slapping a comedian. After that incident, Will Smith and her wife Jada Pinkett Smith, took headline by their news for about a few months. What’s your views on this please share.

Are they both going to be an end of their marriage. After the Oscars slap, there’sa lot of gossip born in the media about Will and Jada’s married life and fans have claimed Jada of controlling Will. Many fans of Will have forced him by commenting on their social media to leave his wife Jada because she’s throwing his reputation away.

He made his reputation in Hollywood by his behavior and fans said leave her as soon as possible for you reputation. After all, Will may just end his marriage life up taking his fans, advice because, as reports close to Will and Jada are now confess the Oscars dispute was the straw that broke the camels back and the Smith’s may end his marriage life afte 25 years marriage.

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