Man who farted in police officer’s face is ja!led for nearly 3 years

A British man who broke wind in a police officer’s face during his ar*est has been ja!led for 34 months for stealing nearly $40 worth of beer and cider from a grocery store in the UK.

A court heard how 41-year-old Matthew Hapgood farted in the officer’s face as he was being ar*ested on March 21 in Oxfordshire, England, the Daily Mail reports.

Though there was no information given as to how the officer’s face came to be within range of the man’s bottom.

Hapgood was said to have made several trips to grocery store Tesco in order to get himself some beer and cider. He also thieved some vapes and vape fluid at a nearby gas station.

The defendant pleaded guilty to the charges of robbery, shoplifting, possession of a bladed article, and criminal damage at Oxford Crown Court. On Friday, Judge Ian Pringle QC sentenced Hapgood to 34 months behind bars.

He had had previous brushes with the law, having accumulated 31 conv!ctions for a whopping 83 instances of criminal activity – all related to his addiction to both dr*gs and alc0hol. The judge noted that his addiction had been a big part of Hapgood’s life for many years.

Hapgood’s lawyer, Ronan McCann, argued that his client’s offenses were linked to long-term substance abu&e.

In any case, social media had an absolute field day when news of the gassy criminal began circulating online.

One person joked: “Now he’s hanging around ja!l like a bad smell.”


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Another said: “Well I really should have been ja!led for life in that case. I have a long list of face fart victims.”

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A third added: “Dear officer, could you please submit the prove of the fart, as that would go a long way. Thanks in advance.”

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A fourth commenter chimed in: “So what ? A man’s got to release when a man’s got to release its t0rture trying to hold it in.”

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A final person shared: “I can’t quite understand the physicality of this event. Was the offender standing on a chair at the time or was the policeman in a crouching or kneeling position?”

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