Dad Releases Pic Of Daughter’s Abu&ive BF And Puts Out Bounty On His Head

A 27-year-old man named Cedric Powe, who hails from St. Charles in Missouri, United States, was ar*ested in late 2016 for the al|eged be*ting of his 20-year-old then-girlfriend has been ar*ested by authorities in St. Louis.

The be*tings and the attempt on her life occurred in 2015 – Chelsea Simmons was punched, kicked and strangled by Cedric Powe.

The at*ack left Chelsea permanently blind in her left eye, which enraged her father to offer a reward of $500 for any information on Cedric Powe back in 2012.

Chelsea was also k!dnapped in December 2013, where Cedric demanded a cash ransom from her family in exchange for her safe return during the holidays.

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Cedric Powe reportedly stomped on Chelsea’s head after knocking her out, causing her to be unable to retaliate.

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Doctors told her family that she was on the brink of de*th.

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Her strangulation was so severe that it left several bruises that spanned across her neck.

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Today, Chelsea lives happily with her family and daughter, although she remains scarred due to this inc!dent.

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Cedric Powe remains behind bars to this day.

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