Elizabeth Taylor’s Granddaughter Looks Like a Reincarnation of the Hollywood Icon

Elizabeth Taylor is remembered for her iconic beauty, memorizing acting talent, and trailblazing sense of fashion. She’s now among Hollywood royalty thanks to her incredible performances, among other things. Taylor’s legacy continues to inspire people, and along with her talents as an entertainer, she was also a great humanitarian.

A lot of people remember her for being a dedicated businesswoman. And within a relatively short time, Taylor peaked in Hollywood thanks to her extreme tenacity and perseverance.

The late actress eventually discovered happiness after she welcomed her four children into the world. And since her family has grown to include a lot of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. But, there is one grandchild many believe greatly resembles the icon.

Many say that Laela Wilding, the daughter of Taylor’s son Michael Wilding, Jr., looks like a reincarnation of her grandmother. And just like her grandmother, Laela works as a humanitarian, carrying on the excellent work Elizabeth Taylor started through her Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

Laela was born in 1971 and is Taylor’s first grandchild, who thankfully was able to spend a lot of time with her grandmother.

 “She was very artistic. She had a great eye,” Laela told The List about her late grandmother.

It appears the star helped Laela understand the world of fashion and the best way to apply her makeup. “She once said to me, ‘If you’ve got it, flaunt it,’” recalled the 50-year-old.

Today, Laela is deeply involved in promoting her grandmother’s good work by helping countless people living with the de*dly HIV and Aids virus.

“We didn’t experience her as a movie star. She became impassioned about activism, and I can’t think of anything more inspiring than our grandmother’s compassion and determination for other people,” she explained to Town and Country.

In 1985, Taylor became the chair of the AIDS Project Los Angeles’ Commitment to Life fundraiser. This time, her good friend and fellow icon Rock Hudson had passed away due to HIV. After his de*th, Taylor made it her personal goal to bring an end to the AIDS epidemic by confounding The Foundation for AIDS Research, and in 1991, she later esta’blished her own organization called the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF).

After her de*th, Laela dedicated herself to carrying on her grandmother’s incredible humanitarian legacy with the help of her siblings.

“We are determined to support the legacy of our grandmother and let the world know the foundation is thriving,” she noted. “In addition to her [Laela’s] involvement with ETAF, she serves on the board of directors at Our House of Portland, which provides health care, housing, and other vital services to low-income HIV+ people,” reads the website of the foundation.

“Laela also organizes and speaks at events on behalf of ETAF, bringing people together in grassroots fundraising, encouraging love and acceptance for all of those affected by HIV,” it added.

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