Father commits suicide after forgetting his son in the car

A father from Virginia took his own life after leaving his young son to die in a hot car.

Anderson who was only eighteen months old at the time had died earlier that day.

His thirty seven year old father Aaron Beck couldn’t life with the consequences and committed suicide.

Once the police arrived at his house, they noticed the child’s car seat was empty and the door of the car was left open.

Police found the young boy who was already deceased inside the house, while his father was located in the woods behind the house.

Anderson’s family would describe him as a very loving and intelligent child and brought so much joy to the family.

Aaron was described as “Generous, gentle, kind, and soft with his son. He was a draughtsman by trade. His unconditional affection was a tribute to the potential of parenting and the human heart.

It says: “Tuesday morning, a father and child were suddenly taken from my dear friend in a tragedy. This cannot be thoroughly planned, even while some expenses are covered. To relieve some of her financial strain, this GoFundMe has been established. I sincerely appreciate your support during this unfathomable loss.

“This is a horrific tragedy on so many levels, and our hearts go out to the family and friends who will have to deal with this,” Chesterfield County Officer Chris Hensley explained.

We offer out condolences to the family.


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