15 Funny Coincidental Photos That Will Blow Your Mind

Coincidences can honestly be mind blowing. You won’t believe half of these but hey, they’re pretty awesome! These will make you think that the universe is alive and well and that it’s somehow conspiring every move you make in order to have you and whoever involved at that exact moment at that exact place for that coincidence to have happened. These are hilarious moments of pure coincidence that’ll have your mind explode everywhere…wear a helmet, it might get messy:

#1 WWW

#2 Even Kiss members get hot during the summer

#3 He’s always loyal to his Margie

#4 This is unbelievable

#5 The owner must be so crushed

#6 He has a twin somewhere in this world

#7 The odds are definitely not in his favor

#8 I guess they shop at the same place

#9 This is why Facebook is great

#10 You need to stop shopping alone when you start matching public transit.

#11 Taylor Swift was seen on the highway

#12 Restaurant

#13 Dopplegangers

#14 The irony is killing me

#15 Well, that’s hilarious

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