Megan Fox Says It’s ‘Hard as a Mom’ To Watch Her Son Get Bu|lied for Wearing Dresses

Newly engaged Megan Fox broke down in tears while taking part in a recent interview. The actress, who is set to wed performer Machine Gun Kelly, was chatting with Glamour UK when she revealed just how much her oldest son, Noah, “suffers” from bullying at his school. The celeb mother of three confessed she is heartbroken over how cruel kids can be.

Megan shares three sons with ex-husband Brian Austin Green.
Although it sounds like the two exes are co-parenting well together and that life has been pretty good for Megan lately, there’s one thing that has been causing her a great deal of pain: the way her son Noah is treated by his fellow classmates at school.

“I do have a child who suffers,” Megan said about her 9-year-old. “I have a lot of worries about that, because I just wish that humanity was not like this.”

The actress has been open about how Noah prefers to wear dresses.
Starting around the time he was 2, Noah began preferring dresses to pants, according to his mom. Megan told Glamour UK that she sought out “a bunch of books that sort of addressed these things,” including some titles written by transgender children.

Megan sees Noah’s clothing choices as a form of self-expression.
“Some of the books are just about how you can be a boy and wear a dress; you can express yourself through your clothing however you want,” she explained. “And that doesn’t even have to have anything to do with your sexuality.”

Megan has worked hard over the years to encourage Noah and his brothers, Journey and Bodhi, to embrace who they are, but sadly, she said that it’s other people who have a problem with Noah’s personal choices.

The state of the world often brings Megan to tears.
The wildly successful actress obviously has to travel a lot for work. She said this, coupled with the way her son gets treated at school, leaves her with a lot of heartache whenever she has to be away from home.

“I wish I could take them out to travel with me — it would make things a lot easier,” she said, before adding that she cries often over it. “Because it is hard, and not because of pressures that anybody else or society puts on you, but it is just hard being separated from them in that way. They are my DNA.”

Still, Megan has a lot to celebrate.
Even though she finds it hard to deal with Noah being bullied for his fashion choices, she has some exciting things to look forward to at the moment. In January, Megan’s then-boyfriend MGK popped the question. She shared a video of the special moment on her Instagram, noting that despite “having walked through hell together” she and MGK have never laughed more.

Hopefully things start to get easier for Noah. We know how much the pain of our little ones can hurt, and we imagine that Megan is hurting big time as her son struggles with those school bullies.


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