Judges Laugh When 12 Year-Old Girl Says She Sounds Like Whitney Houston – Immediately Wish They Hadn’t When She Opens Her Mouth

It takes lots of courage to audition for the notoriously tough judges of Britain’s Got Talent, especially for a 12 year-old child like Maia Gough.

Coming all the way from South Wales, Maia brought her enormous family to watch her audition, including her mom, her dad, her grandma, her aunt, her uncle, her cousins. When she finally took the stage, Maia proudly announced that she would be singing “I Have Nothing” by her idol, Whitney Houston.

Judge Simon Cowell, immediately raised his eyebrow skeptically, assuming that a child Maia’s age would never be able to measure up to Whitney. However, as soon as Maia began to sing, all of Simon’s doubts went out the window!

Though Maia is young and small, her voice has developed well beyond her years, and is incredibly soulful. The looks on the judges’ faces when they realize a future star is on their stage is priceless!

If you watch Maia closely, you can see her confidence grow as she gets into the song. Her mother can’t help but break down in tears as her daughter becomes a star right before her eyes!

In the end, Maia does Whitney proud and puts all the judges to shame for ever doubting her. Watch her performance below, and SHARE this story if you think this singer is going to go far!

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