Simon Cowell sparks concern from fans with ‘unrecognizable’ appearance in new video

Simon Cowell has sparked concerns from his fans after appearing “unrecognizable” in a new video promoting Britain’s Got Talent.

Cowell, 63, is famous for his no-nonsense approach to hit talent shows such as The X-Factor and America’s Got Talent.

The TV mogul has recently appeared in a now-deleted video encouraging people to audition for the last series of Britain’s Got Talent, but his call for talented hopefuls has taken a back seat, as fans are concerned about his appearance.

Cowell appears unrecognizable as he shows off an incredibly smooth complexion, enhanced features, and his famous glistening white teeth.

These features could be a result of cosmetics, and fans have taken to social media to voice their concerns.

One fan tweeted: “Holy moly I nearly didn’t recognise him then” and another added: “What has happened to this poor chaps face. And hair?”

A third person said: “He’s not looked right since he crashed that motorbike bless him,” and a fourth said: “Looks as though he’s lost quite [a] bit of weight as well.”

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A fifth person commented: “Lol. If this was a female celebrity, you guys would be talking bout how youthful and ageless they look.”

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According to the Daily Mail, Cowell lost 20 lbs over the last two years. This was due to a lifestyle change after a motorcycle accident in 2020, which saw the star adopt a regular sleeping schedule and workout regime.

The crash resulted in surgery, which caused complications after his vertebrae were fused. This kept the star mainly bedbound for six months.

Cowell reportedly now walks 40 miles per week and has rearranged his entire schedule to ensure he only starts meetings after 9 AM, as opposed to the early hours of the morning that he did before the crash.

A source told MailOnline: “Simon said how he hasn’t worn trainers as much as this in 20 years. He feels fitter than ever before and is keeping to a normal routine rather than being on the phone until into the early hours of the morning.”

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