Kid Suffered Horns Implant As Birthmark Treatment. This Is How He Looks Now

He was born with a huge birthmark on his forehead

#5 Meet George Ashman

Meet George Ashman, the cute kid who was born with this huge birthmark on his forehead. However, though it looked adorable in his childhood, his parents were worried that this might hinder him in the long term!

It is believed that about 80% people in the world are born with birthmarks, however, only some of them are noticeable!

#4 The Surgery Planning

Since his parents thought that this birthmark might cause problems for him in the future, they opted for a surgical treatment!

However, the surgery wasn’t easy. The little kid had suffered a lot for this treatment. Keep reading to know what did the doctors do to remove the birthmark.



#3 The Endurance

George has really shown great endurance for the treatment. For removing the birthmark, the doctors implanted tissue extenders in his forehead which flattened by the time making them look like devil horns.

However, the surgery went well. Check out how he looks after the surgery!



#2 He Looks Like This After The Surgery

George recovered very quickly after the surgery and here’s how he looks like now! Though he had to endure a lot of pain, but it is worth all the efforts. No one can now figure our that he had a birthmark on his forehead once!

#1 The Love Girl

Here’s another girl who has the cutest heart shaped birthmark on her forehead. No doubt, she looks absolutely adorable with this birthmark on

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