This Kid Who Went Viral For His Smoking Habits Is A Lot Changed Now!


#5 Remember Aldi?

Do you remember this kid who went viral for being the youngest child to get the smoking add!ction? Well, he’s quite changed lately, but the transformation has not been an easy one!

#4 The Add!ction

With the help of his family, he was able to give up on smoking. However, by then, the d*mage has been done! He knew that he was capable of the add!ctions and that too severe ones!

Hence, as soon as he gave upon smoking, he had a new add!ction!



#3 The Food Add!ction

Unfortunately, he traded one add!ction for another. He was now add!cted to eating junk food. The void that was created by leaving smoking was taken up by the food. This was also !njurious to his health as his’ was not a regular add!ction but a severe one.



#2 Increasing Weight

His weight increased to about 56 pounds 56 pounds on a diet of sweets and condensed milk. Again, his family was trouble because of this add!ction and were constantly trying to mold his ways!

Finally, a ray of hope appeared to them as he began to listen to them. Check out how he looks now ahead.

#1 The Transformation

His parents succeeded once again in making him realize the importance of health and fitness in the contemporary world. Now, he takes balanced diet and is on the right track!

This recent picture is a proof that he’s finally treading on a normal path now.

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