CAUTION: Child L0ses 75% Of Vision Because Of This Common, Small Toy In Every House


#4 The Dreaded Toy

Childhood is a magical time full of toys and happiness. Model cars, action figures, dolls. You name it and kids have managed to play with them!

Sometimes however, it doesn’t go all well. Laser pointers are those cool little red-dot projectors which are mainly used by working professionals to aid office presentations. But what happens when you come home, leave it around and you kid gets hold of it?
#3 Comes With A Warning

Optometrists in Australia have issued a warning for parents to refrain from keeping laser pointers within the reach of children. They are NOT toys.

Children are full of curiousity and when they get hold of your laser pointer, they are bound to look right into it – something the packaging explicitly warns against doing. And children have never been known to read warning signs.

Hobart Optometrist, Ben Armitage was asked to investigate a case of vision loss in a 14 year old boy. What they found out was extremely shocking and deeply saddening.

Keep reading to find out.

#2 Here’s What Happened

What seemed to be yet another child about to get glasses dramatically turned out to be retinal damage. The retina is a layer of “light sensitive cells” at the back of the eye which has a 90% role in vision. Think of it as the sensor of a camera or a projector screen.

The boy had been shining a laser pointer right into his eye. Even brief periods of exposure can have profound damage. He seemed to have gone beyond that.
#1 Treatment?

Burn marks as seen in this picture are quite severe. The saddest part is that there’s nothing that can be done. No treatment, not even with glasses.

If you burn a hole in the projector screen, no matter how many lenses you change, it’s not going to help. The burn has occurred in such a manner that his vision straight ahead is compromised but the rest is intact. It leaves him unable to focus straight ahead. He can’t study or drive.

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