How Your Personality Relates To The Shape Of Your Hands?

Palmistry has been around for quite some time, and it is used to determine what sort of person you are and what kind of future you can expect. The idea works by translating physical traits on your hands into predictions about the rest of the individual. Most palmists agree there are five basic categories, and each is given an elemental distinction in traditional Chinese palmistry. Those elements include Earth, Fire, Water, Metal, and Wood.

Fire hands are distinguished by long fingers and palms, and they typically have pointed nails and thin fingers with ill-defined joints.

Those with Fire hands tend to be fast with wit, highly ambitious, and driven to succeed. They never stop thinking about what’s going on around them, and they have high levels of energy that can be contagious. Their fiery nature makes them straightforward and honest, and they know just what they want from life.

It may seem like Fire handed individuals are brash or jumpy, but that is simply their expectational self-awareness coming through as solid, efficient decision-making. Even if the decision is fast, it is always logical and precise. If you are Fire handed, you probably only spend your energy on those you truly care about.

Metal hands are defined by fingers, palms, and nails that are boxy or square-shaped. Palms of the Metal hands tend to have exceptional elasticity, softness, and density.

Metal handed individuals have a wide range of skills in the categories of entrepreneurship, leadership, and strategy. Their approach to most things is to logically reason out a viable solution before putting that solution into effect. By their nature, Metal handed people are fair-minded since they like to lead through example. They are cool in high-stress situations, and they never let bias dictate a decision.

If you have Metal hands, you are most likely the type to fall in love with another based on the inherent qualities of that person and not little details that aren’t truly important. You know exactly what you want from life, and that amount of self-awareness means you don’t have to play games. You are good at multitasking, and you have no problem leading others by carrying or supporting them. Metal handed people are often found in positions of power, but not because they sought the power.

Water hands are defined by smooth palms and stubby fingers with long nails and ill-defined knuckles. Water hands are also notable for rounded fingertips.

Water handed people are usually very talented, and they are adept at fitting into any situation in the way water morphs to fit its container. If they need to be, they can be diplomatic due to their highly observant nature. Secrets are no trouble for a Water handed individual since they are cautious and discreet.

If you have Water hands, you are probably quite industrious and focused on internal fortitude. You don’t typically judge others in any way, and you accept flaws in yourself and in others. Love is something to be protected by those with Water hands, and they will do what it takes to keep that safe.

Wood hands tend to have longer fingers with visible bones beneath the skin. Joints are easy to see, and the hand appears skinny and ropey. Wood hands are instantly noticeable for their sharp features.

Creativity is one of the hallmarks of the Wood handed individuals. You notice small details that tend to go unnoticed by others, and you enjoy translating those details into works of creative art that will be pleasing to all. You generally keep to yourself since you prefer your own creativity to the real world, and you don’t experience love without some effort.

The creativity that Wood handed people exhibit is also punctuated by extreme states of emotion. Emotional acuity and creativity tend to go hand in hand, and many Wood handed people are warm and kind if not silent and shy.

Earth hands are distinguished by thick fingers and palms, and they tend to have fleshy and thick bases around their thumbs. They typically have coarse skin, and their wrists are thick.

If you have Earth hands, you are probably very modest, grounded, and humble. No matter where you go, you feel connected to your roots. You’re polite, you work hard every day, and you have a warm personality that enjoys flowing with others.

You may also fall in love easily since you tend to think with your heart and not your mind. Love is an unconditional thing for you, and you are more than willing go help others even if it isn’t convenient.

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