Jealous Husband: Are You One?

Jealousy is the purest human emotion.

It can be seen right across all ages, all genders, all wealth groups.

It has got nothing to do with a certain class or creed of people.

It will be safe to say that jealousy is an universal feeling

It can generally be seen brooding over in a relationship of two equals.

As and when a partner starts feeling a bit insecure, they start feeling jealous.

They resort to all sorts of things to ensure that they have a hold over their partner.

Such feelings ideally should be nipped in the bud right away as soon as such a thing arises.

Since a person may resort to all sorts of things to ensure that the person they love, reciprocate their feelings for them.

Today, we are going to look at one such example of a jealous husband, who went all out to find what his loving wife is upto.

When jealousy creeps in a relationship

For any couple in a relationship, the feeling of being possessive and jealous about your partner’s way of life is natural.

Healthy jealousy is appreciable but when it leads to doubts and insecurities, it is a big thing to worry

This story of a married couple, starts with the husband who is in his workplace but is in constant doubt over where his wife is.

so he tries calling his wife who is staying with his son at home.

Husband: my wife where are you?

Wife: at home love!

(He senses something is wrong so he asks her) Husband: are you sure?

Turn on the music love

The husband doesn’t stop at that.

He is filled with doubts now, so he pesters his wife to turn on the blender, just to ensure that she is at home.

The wife is flummoxed to hear such a weird plea from her husband.

But reluctantly she agrees to his request and turns on the blender.

After listening to the noise generated from the blender, the husband is satiated that his wife hasn’t gone anywhere and is staying at home.

He is at it again

The feeling of jealousy and self doubt doesn’t end so easily once it sets in.

It takes a toll not only on your partner but your inner self too.

The husband calls in his wife again from office, and goes with his constant flow of questions, ranging from how are you doing to finally where she is currently.

Will the wife relent?

The wife is clearly exasperated by now.

She feels like wanting to bang the phone and asking the husband to come home to check for himself.

But knowing the work pressure and stress generated since, she relents and again turns on the blender to ensure that her husband feels at home, knowing she hasn’t gone anywhere.

He never expected the twist

The husband himself is tired of him daily questioning his wife on phone.

So this time he decides to directly go home and find the answers for himself.

To his surprise, he isn’t able to find his wife there.

He nervously asks his son where is his mother

The son innocently replies that mom had gone out but strangely with a blender.

Moral of the story

The husband under estimated his wife’s intelligence and questioned her integrity too.

So the wife decided to take matters in her own hands and played a masterstroke.

She not only moved out for a brief while but did so by taking out the blender with her

Which was helping her play it as and when her husband demanded her to

We just wish this doesn’t play out anywhere else.

The couple has nothing to gain from being jealous and insecure about each other.

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