8 Things That Hurts Worse Than Childbirth


#8 Migrain

An unrelenting pain that triggers your head for days together, migraine is worst kind of a headache ever known to human kind! Anyone who has suffered from it can swear by the fact that it is ten times worse than the pain that a mother goes through while giving birth!
#7 Kidney Stone

The pain due to kidney stone is terrific! The stones are nothing but the deposit of certain minerals in the kidney. It can be treated with medicines if it is diagnosed early

#6 Bladder Infection

The spiking pain that occurs because of bladder infection is really worse, and women admit this pain being ten times as worse as giving birth to a baby!
#5 Induced Labors

Normal labor pains build up a little slowly, but when the injections are provided to induce labor pain, the body does not get time to muster up the courage to suffer that amount of pain!

#4 Fracture

A broken bone is called a fracture, it can be a thin line fracture, also called a minor fracture and a major one where the bone is broken into two parts. Depending upon the type of the fracture, women have admitted often that the pain during fracture is really worse than that which happens during childbirth!
#3 Gall stones

Gallstones are tiny stones in the gall bladder and are generally the deposits of cholesterol. They can take a toll on you if proper medication is not followed!
#2 Root canal

Women who have got their root canal done, especially without anesthesia admits that this treatment is way more painful than childbirth!
#1 Surgery

Surgeries are really painful! Though you are put to anesthesia during the surgery, but the after pain of surgery is also very painful.

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